Modernist artAt the Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia (CMSA), we understand Modernism to be the defiant gesture of negation and liberation that overturns established ways of doing and being.

Modernism sets human thought and perception on new roads of discovery and freedom.

Clustering around a diversity of 'isms' in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, Modernism has its roots in the cultural revolution of the enlightenment, and extends to the lingering perceptual shocks of the post-post-modernisms today.

Research and collaboration

Taking a 'long Modernism' view of cultural history, CMSA fosters innovative research in the broad area of cultural Modernism - literary, visual, philosophical, architectural, theatrical, and musical.

We facilitate collaborations across a range of activities and projects bringing together members of staff, postdoctoral fellows, postgraduate students, advanced undergraduate students and external scholars,

CMSA seeks to build a national, regional and international profile for Modernism studies here at UNSW, and to provide a beachhead for global Modernism studies on Australian shores.