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Julian Murphet

Julian Murphet is Scientia Professor in English and Film Studies in the School of the Arts & Media. Though born in Canada, he did his undergraduate work at the University of Sydney, and completed a PhD at the University of Cambridge. After a Junior Research Fellowship at St John’s College, Oxford, and a Visiting Professorship in the African-American Studies Department at the University of California (Berkeley), he returned to Sydney, where he has lived and worked for the past 15 years. He wrote his first monograph, Literature and Race in Los Angeles (Cambridge, 2001), to explore the fate of writing in an age (and a place) of spectacle. A little book on Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho (2002) followed that path.

The most recent phase of Julian's research has concerned the so-called ‘media ecology’ of cultural modernism, and has tried to show how literary writing changed as a result of contemporary developments in other media. Literature and Visual Technology (2003) and Multimedia Modernism (2009) take up that challenge. He has also worked on film history and theory, cultural studies, and literary theory. His has recently completed an ARC-funded book project on the work of William Faulkner, as influenced by the cinema and other media. He is currently working on two major research projects: a study of “modern character,” and a literary history of nothing. He was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of the Humanities in Australia in 2013

Scientia Professor Julian Murphet
Centre Director
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