Events: Date from: 01-01-2015 Date to: 31-12-2015
Why Yeats Matters, Panel Discussion in Honour of the 150th Birthday of W.B. Yeats
Who:UNSW Arts & Social Sciences
Venue:Ritchie Theatre, John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW Kensington (map ref G19)
When:11 Jun 2015, 6pm - 8pm
So, what? Lecture - Professor Joan Copjec
Who:UNSW Arts & Social Sciences
Venue:Tyree Room, John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW Kensington (Map ref G19)
When:13 Jul 2015, 6pm - 7:30pm

Abbas Kiarostami and the Imaginal World

2015 Three Minute Thesis Competition - Faculty Heat
Who:UNSW Arts & Social Sciences
Venue:John B Reid Theatre, AGSM Building, UNSW Kensington (map ref G27)
When:21 Jul 2015, 5pm - 7pm

Hear our rising research stars battle for their three minutes of thesis fame! The Arts & Social Sciences Three Minute Thesis Faculty Heat is your opportunity to support some of our brightest research candidates. The competition will be followed by a reception where you will be able to discuss the presentations with the contestants.

E. L. Doctorow: In Memoriam
Who:The Center for Modernism Studies in Australia UNSW & the Deprtament of English, University of Sydney
Venue:Woolley Common Room, John Woolley Building, University of Sydney
When:28 Oct 2015, 12pm - 5pm

A half-day symposium to honour the lifelong achievement of E. L. Doctorow

CMSA Workshop: David Larkin, on Jameson, Mahler, and Wagner
Who:Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia (CMSA)
Venue:Room 139, Robert Webster Building, UNSW Kensington
When:12 Nov 2015, 5pm - 6:30pm

CMSA invites you to join us for the fifth Workshop this semester, which will take place on Thursday 12 November at 5pm: Mahler and Wagner, via Jameson.

Arts & Social Sciences Postgraduate Conference
Who:UNSW Arts & Social Sciences Higher Degree Research Students
Venue:UNSW Kensington Campus
When:12 Nov 2015, 9am - 7pm

Research Horizons is UNSW's fourth annual postgraduate student conference within the Arts and Social Sciences. The Conference will showcase and explore emerging scholarship in the arts & social sciences. 

This year the conference comprises a full-day program of papers by postgraduate researchers from four universities across Sydney on Thursday 12 November. The presentations will cover diverse topics such as literature, gender, politics, linguistics, education, climate change, and psychology, to showcase the breadth and depth of emerging research in the arts and social sciences

Nietzsche and Aesthetics: A Symposium
Who:Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia
Venue:Robert Webster Building, Room 327, UNSW Kensington
When:7 Dec 2015, 8:30am - 6pm

This symposium is dedicated to evaluating, here in the second decade of the twenty-first century, Nietzsche’s place in aesthetics, and the place of aesthetics in Nietzsche.

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