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AMSN3: Modernist Work
Who:Center for Modernism Studies in Australia and the Australasian Modernist Studies Network
Venue:UNSW Kensington Campus
When:29 Mar 2016, 9am - 5pm
30 Mar 2016, 9am - 5pm
31 Mar 2016, 9am - 5pm

The Third Biennial Conference of the Australasian Modernist Studies Network will explore the manifold intersections of modernist culture and the concept of “work”.

Yeonmi Park:The Young North Korean Defector Changing the World
Who:UNSW Arts & Social Sciences
Venue:Leighton Hall, John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW Kensington (map ref G19)
When:19 May 2016, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Human rights activist Yeonmi Park comes to UNSW to share her extraordinary story of survival and escape. Now a university student, Yeonmi joins us to inspire a new generation of young world changers. Free event, bookings essential.

The Devil and Neoliberalism
Who:Professor Adam Kotsko of Shimer College, Chicago
Venue:Room 327, Robert Webster Building
When:27 Jul 2016, 6pm - 7:30pm

The devil is one of the most enduring Christian theological symbols, a figure that has taken on a life of its own in the culture of secular modernity. In this talk, Adam Kotsko traces the origin of the devil back to his theological roots in the problem of evil. One of the greatest challenges to traditional monotheism has always been the existence of suffering and injustice – if God is all-good and all-powerful, why does he allow it? The devil emerged as a convenient scapegoat, a fallen angel who was created good by God and yet freely chose to rebel. This placed the devil at the root of a theological system that used the idea of free will as a way of deflecting blame away from God and toward his wayward creatures. Drawing on the work of Giorgio Agamben, Wendy Brown, and David Harvey, among others, Kotsko will argue that the neoliberal order implies the same logic – deploying notions of free choice as a way of blaming individuals for systemic failures.

2016 Three Minute Thesis Competition - Faculty Heat
Who:UNSW Arts and Social Sciences
Venue:John B Reid Theatre, AGSM Building, UNSW Kensington (map ref G27)
When:28 Jul 2016, 5pm - 7pm

Join us to see our rising research stars battle for their three minutes of thesis fame!

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