Our Research

Postmodern Mona LisaThe Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia (CMSA) promotes research into the extraordinary international renaissance of cultural and artistic energies across the long twentieth century (1880-1980), and fosters lines of inquiry into its roots in Romanticism and Realism, as well as its depletion and reinvention under the impetus of the postmodern turn.

We have a strong basis in the following disciplines Literary Studies, Music, Film Studies, Philosophy, Visual Arts and Architecture, and particularly welcome new initiatives to think between and among these disciplinary strands. Our home journal, Affirmations: of the modern demonstrates the richness and diversity, as well as the internationalism, of our research.

We are interested in supervising, mentoring, and collaborating with work in the following areas:

  • modern cinema
  • modern poetics
  • Irish cultural modernity
  • modern aesthetic theory
  • the avant-garde traditions
  • the modern novel
  • modernist architectures
  • philosophical modernity and the arts
  • religion and modernism
  • soundscapes of modernity
  • popular and vernacular currents in modernism
  • trust and modernism
  • modernism and animal

There is a strong record of competitive grant success in Modernist Studies at UNSW, indicated by a number of ARC Fellows in the area includingt Professor Helen Groth (ARC Future Fellow), Associate Professor James Phillips (ARC ARF), Dr Joanne Faulkner (ARC-PD), Dr Sean Pryor (ARC-PD), and Dr Chris Danta (ARC-PD).