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19th and 20th Century Literature and Psychoanalysis Current
People Involved: Sigi Jottkandt

Dr Sigi Jottkandt's research area is 19th and 20th century literature and psychoanalysis. She is currently working on a book on cinematic time in Nabokov in an effort to resituate the Russian writer's notoriously uneasy relationship with Freud.

Her study explores how cinema operates in…

Community and Identity in Post-War European Philosophy Current
People Involved: James Phillips

This project will evaluate the political notions of community and identity in post-war European philosophy.

Recent developments in international political relations have challenged accepted Western understandings of politics as the business of nation states. This project contends that there is…

Experimental Humanities Current
People Involved: Erin Brannigan, Stephen Muecke

Creative Arts teaching is booming in universities, but without a strong research capacity.

This project traces antecedents in experiment and composition, then builds the foundations for creative arts research as a new branch of the Humanities, which has traditionally been concerned with meaning…

Poetics of the Fall Current
People Involved: Sean Pryor

This project is the first major investigation of the poetics of the fall in modernism.

It will show how the need to conceive modern life as fallen, and the painful inability to offer salvation, determined the development of modernist poetry. The aim is to establish an original critical…

Singing the Body Electric: The Human Voice and Sound Technology Current

Singing the Body Electric explores the relationship between the human voice and technology, offering startling insights into the ways in which technological mediation affects our understanding of the voice, and more generally, the human body. From the phonautograph to magnetic tape and now to…

Strange International Fortunes of ‘Character’ Current
People Involved: Julian Murphet

Scientia Professor Julian Murphet's project concentrates on the study of the strange international fortunes of ‘character’ (in fiction, drama, cinema and poetry) in the early twentieth century, focusing in particular on the ways in which representations of personhood were radically…

The Function of ‘Nothing’ Current
People Involved: Julian Murphet

This project explores the theoretical account of the function of ‘nothing’ (as a rhetorical figure, a concept, a ‘number’, and a philosopheme) in modern aesthetics, specifically in the poem as a bearer of philosophical projects in the ‘age of the poets’.